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Get all your pet care CBD products from Innovet Pet.

Every day more and more people are giving their pets CBD. With its ability to improve our pets’ health in the same way it does ours, pet owners find that CBD is an irreplaceable aid to have in their medicine cabinets.

For some owners, it’s a way for them to help their cats’ anxiety without having to put them on prescription medications. For other pet owners, CBD has helped ease the harsh side effects of conventional cancer treatments. With the first veterinary clinical study showing CBD reduced seizure frequency in 89% of dogs, CBD’s countless benefits continue to pique people’s curiosity.

While CBD provides an excellent alternative to medications with worrisome side effects, it’s not without its concerns. CBD comes from cannabis, a genus of plants that includes marijuana, which is dangerous to dogs due to its high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). When consumed in large amounts, THC causes the high and side effects associated with marijuana. To avoid these dangers, CBD products should come from industrial hemp, a term used to describe cannabis plants with no more than 0.3% THC. When derived from industrial hemp, CBD products are legal, safe, and cannot cause a high.

With CBD’s ability to assist health in multiple areas, it’s becoming an essential ingredient in a range of healthcare products, from skincare balms to daily multivitamins to digestive probiotic aids. With over a dozen unique CBD products, Innovet Pet leads the charge in how we perceive and give our pets CBD.

Using their years of experience as a pet company that provides a wealth of non-CBD pet products, Innovet has shaped CBD into products that cater to our dogs, cats, and even horses’ specific needs. Their experience has also brought along healthy business practices that put customers first. This has all come together to make Innovet Pet the number 1 Pet CBD company worldwide.

Innovet provides pet owners with social media groups to talk about using CBD, 30-day money-back guarantees on all purchases, and helpful guides to caring for all aspects of their pets’ lives. Led by a group of experts from veterinarians to scientists to researchers, Innovet manufactures all products in-house, allowing them to oversee each step of the process.

This dedication to quality has curated in over 9,120 reviews. It also helps that the company relentlessly pushes to make their products more and more affordable. Innovet gives people a place they can trust to care for the health of their pets. Innovet’s goal is for all pets to live longer, happier, and healthier lives, and help pet owners avoid the emotional and financial stress of poor health.

When you want the best for your pet’s health, Innovet Pet has made themselves an indisputable place for pet owners to go.