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We are living in a digital age where everything is out there. When this digitalization has linked us all together and bridged the gaps between us, it has also given birth to different issues and cyber crimes. The number of data breaches and cyber-attacks is only increasing. Attacks designed for both organizations and individuals are breaking records every day. Especially from 2017 to 2019, the graph of cyber attacks has reached new heights. With new and more powerful hacking tools, cyber-criminals and black hat hackers are now insanely strong. Therefore, the need of ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts have risen. IT companies are actively seeking cyber experts to design, plan, and implement cybersecurity strategies for their organization.

The demand of cybersecurity experts and the need of a strong cybersecurity plan has encouraged many individuals to consider cybersecurity as vocation. So, if you are among those enthusiasts, you must seek cybersecurity training, attend cybersecurity bootcamps, and acquire cybersecurity certs and degree to be the choice of employers. Other than that, there is more thing that will help you in career advancements, that is knowing current cybersecurity trends and future cybersecurity predictions.

In this article, we are going to provide you the awareness of cybersecurity trends that are here to stay and cybersecurity prediction that are yet to come.


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Cybersecurity trends in 2019 and predictions for 2020

Data Breaches will grow

Today, it should not shock anyone that data breaches have turned out to be increasingly common as cybercrime turns out to be a huge business. An ongoing overview of 1,200 organizations detailed that around 71% endured at least one data breach a year. With 46% of new organizations announcing the data breach attempt or occurrence made against their company. A large number of these assaults misuse representatives’ absence of attention to phishing and other social engineering strategies that are intended to take corporate login certifications, giving cybercriminals secondary passage access to system’s infrastructure and network framework. These cybersecurity breaches are most likely to grow in the coming years.

Data Protection Opportunity is here to help

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, was made in 2018 to secure the individual data of each European Union native. Organizations must conform to this law or be liable to fines of as much as 20M euros. Then in 2019, it was evaluated that as much as 80% of worldwide organizations neglected to follow GDPR. Luckily, this law makes a learning open door for IT security associations all over the place, as it drives them to reevaluate how client data is gathered, handled, stored, and erased. Furthermore, GDPR will affect something other than cyber security groups; it will likewise introduce an open door for showcasing gatherings to reevaluate how they direct email battles to guarantee the complete protection of their clients’ close to home data, and a chance to create a corporate brand that mirrors their pledge to client and data assurance.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is on service for cybersecurity

AI and ML have made our lives easier by introducing machine’s help to complete our task without the stress of human errors. Likewise, these 2 are also helping cyber security experts in scaling the efforts invested in data protection and security. Today, around 87% of the US cybersecurity experts are using AI. Similarly, around 34% of cybersecurity professionals rely on ML to help them out. ML algos are being used in acceleration of the incident detection as well its response. They are also helping in identifying and communicating risks to the organizations including but not limited to configuration errors and software weaknesses.

Innovation in Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches

One major influencer that is driving the expansion in cyberattacks is the inescapability of IoT, Internet of Things, gadgets in the undertaking. As indicated by Symantec, IoT attacks expanded 600 percent a year ago, which is constraining organizations to include better occurrence recognition into their IoT stages and discover approaches to upgrade perceivability into their broad IoT systems and gadgets. Ransomware is the ascent too, with a 300 percent expansion in ransomware attacks a year ago. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that in 2019, worldwide harms from ransomware will reach over $11 billion, with attacks happening like clockwork.

Ignorance is not always bliss

The number of increasing cyber attacks and data breaches demand attention and serious dedication. However, still around77% of organizations lack a well-planned cybersecurity policy and cybersecurity experts. Out of 4, only 1 company has planned out the cybersecurity tools and techniques and hire cybersecurity professionals. Seeing the occurrence and frequency of cybercrime, this is an insignificant number and really needs attention and proper approach.

Now, what is worse? After knowing the loss that a cybersecurity attack might cause, many companies are still ignorant to admit it. This is why a large amount of data and a gigantic cost goes wasted every year. When one would say ignorance is a bliss, the case is totally opposite here. The organizations need to understand the cruciality of the matter and take steps to plan a well-defined policy. Also, a correct number of cybersecurity experts need to get hired to manage the critical tasks.

Ethical Hacking

Last but one of the most important cybersecurity trends is the investment in ethical hacking and training ethical hackers. As they say, poison kills the poison. Similarly, to encounter and dissipate a hacking attempt, we need more ethical hackers. Ethical hackers are trained to use the same tools and techniques as black hat hackers do. The only difference that makes them different and stand out among morally corrupt hackers is the correct use of those tools and techniques to secure company’s data and nullify hacking attempts.


Cyber attacks and data breaches are a serious issue that need to be resolved as soon as possible. Therefore, companies should start expanding their budget and hire cybersecurity experts. Organizations are also advised to conduct IT training of their employees, especially online information security training, to keep them prepared and aware of potential attacks. Also, individuals are suggested to stay updated with the current trends and future predictions to stay secure in the world of digitalization.

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